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Monday, August 29, 2011

Awesome Crane Fly!

This awesome insect flew in when I opened the door tonight, and then it perched on the speaker front. This makes a great background to show it off. I need to give you a sense of the size. The body (not counting the legs) is about 2.5 inches long!

crane fly

Now, don't run screaming from the room, all you folks who get the willies over large insects. This one doesn't bite at all. It's soft, as insects go. I mean, it doesn't feel scratchy if it lands on you. Even the ever-popular dragonflies feel hard if you hold one. These feel softer. Here's a side view.

crane fly

I think this one is a female. If it were a male I think the tail would have a thickening like a club. Don't quote me on that just yet, though.

Here comes the amazing part. Are you a transformers fan? Look at the back of the thorax (the section behind the head- like shoulders). Couldn't that just be the face of some other robot that was folded differently to make this fly?

crane fly

I've got it posted on bugguide.net to be sure of which crane fly it is. When I get the confirmation I'll add the ID here.

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RNSANE said...

Honestly, Joan, this creature gave me the shivers. I wouldn't get close enough to it to photograph it, I don't think. You must be pretty familiar with it to know it doesn't bite. Yikes. Great photography, though, and, yes, I agree about the transformer thing.

betchai said...

wow, even with insects you are so good with their behavior, and yes, I see the transformer pattern, awesome shots Sharkbytes.

john bain said...

I would have called it a mosquito.