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Saturday, August 13, 2011

North Country Trail Conference- Day 3

Today, Marie and I chose to go on a ten-mile hike from Clifton Springs gorge to Yellow Springs. We began at Clifton Mill, which included this covered bridge.

Clifton Mill covered bridge

Then we followed the gorge for a few miles. Ohio has a few places with limestone cliffs like this, and I hadn't seen this one. It's near, but not directly on the NCT.

Clifton gorge

A few more miles in the middle through woods and a couple of fields, and we reached Yellow Springs. The town was named for these water features, which were considered medicinal in the 19th century. The water is still safe to drink and was icy cold. This was great, because it turned into a very hot day. Soon after this we joined the North Country Trail and took it into the town where we had time to buy more cold drinks before the bus came.

Yellow Springs

In the evening, Bart Smith was our speaker. He is a photographer who has hiked all eleven National Scenic Trails, which includes, of course, the NCT. I had previously met Bart, so it was great to see him again. This is the first conference which three end-to-enders have ever attended.

Joan Young and Bart Smith

There was also a fund-raising auction and the passing of the torch to Michigan, which will host next year's conference.

Now Marie and I have to say our goodbyes. She has to leave at the crack of dawn. Sigh. But it was a great week.

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Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

That is a unique covered bridge. Not very many have windows.There are quite a few down here near Marietta OH, too.

RNSANE said...

I am finally catching up on blogs. Sounds like you've been having fun, Joan. I've been in West Sacramento since Tuesday, playing doggie grandma while my son and daughter-in-law are vacationing in Hawaii for a week! I've never had so much doggie love!

john bain said...

I love that covered bridge.
You are making my feet itch. Think it's time for me to pack my old rucksack and start hiking again.

Ann said...

Love that covered bridge. We have one left in the area here. Too bad Marie has to leave so early.

Geri O'Hara said...

I am really enjoying your posts...The covered bridge is lovely When I was a kid I went to Pa and the people I stayed with brought me to a covered bridge and told me all about its history...Unfortunately I think I am entering my dotage can't remember half of what they told me! Thanks for sharing

Mike Golch said...

thanks for showing the covered bridge.That makes me wish I could still drive.I'd go there for a visit.

rainfield61 said...

The covered bridge looks very interesting, with a cover, which is rare.

jeanlivingsimple said...

I really liked the Yellow Springs photo and info. It is great to know there are springs where the water is still safe to drink.
Cool pic of you and Bart!

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