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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ohio and Erie Canal Trail - Day 1

Ohio & Erie Canal Trail

We did 14 miles today... perhaps a bit much to take on cold on a hot day (and humid). But, we did it!

Most of our miles were on this shaded pathway, of course it was seriously encroached by poison ivy hanging off all the trees! Yikes... we stayed in the middle.

Ohio & Erie Canal Trail lock

Here's one of the defunct locks. These look the same on any old canal in the east, but they are still impressive. Of course there's no water running in them anymore.


There were a few farms, and this scene just seemed restful.

Portage Lake

We were SO hot and tired, that we drove to the swimming beach afterwards and had a quick dip.

Now, we have to head back to our mosquito-filled campsite! That's OK- we are just getting in the tent and going to sleep.


Mike Golch said...

thanks for sharing a part of my heart with everyone.I absolutly love the canal towpath trail.

rainfield61 said...

Happy journey.

Lin said...

That looks lovely, but 14 miles???! yikes. I'll bet you will sleep good tonight--mosquitoes or not.

Karen and Gerard said...

I like that restful scene. We plan to walk along the canal towpath trail the end of this month on our vacation. Thanks for the warning about the poison ivy.

Secondary Roads said...

Yesterday, the mosquitoes here were in a feeding frenzy. Very unpleasant.

betchai said...

hope the mosquitoes did not join you inside the tent Sharkbytes, may you have a continued happy hike.

john bain said...

I'm not sure that I'd be able to do 14 miles anymore. Exhausted just thinking about it.

Unknown said...

I have no idea why but I never imagined that you had canals over there. All my life I have neither heard or read anything about them. As a child I lived near to one so would often walk on the towpath which in many instances would be little more than a footstep in width. Years before it was designed to take the carthorses that would help pull the barges full of goods. The barges are still there to this day but nowadays they are motorized. Many are beautifully hand painted.
Are there many canals there nowadays and are they used?

spinninglovelydays said...

Finally had time to visit blogs again! Wow, 14 miles in humid heat. That's impressive. Btw, I just googled the image of poison ivy and it looks totally harmless, lol

Ann said...

I've always loved the sight of a herd of cows for some reason

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