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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Proof of Insanity

Just in case you weren't pretty certain of my insanity already, yes, I've started another blog.

Grazing the Ditches Blog

Here's my rationale. I plan for this one to be mercenary. I have no second thoughts about trying to make some money with this topic. I've decided to blog about wild foods. Since foraging the roadsides and fields is something I do anyway, why not blog about it?

I spent a lot of time hunting down the template I chose. I didn't design it, or even play with it very much yet, but I haven't seen it used on another blog, so it's fairly unique and I think it fits well.

Grazing the Ditches BlogOm helped me take the picture I used to make my banner. I wish the silverware was brighter, but I am content with it for now.

My friend, Ester, also does a lot of things with wild foods, and she says she is interested in doing some of the posts too. That could work out really well, but she only has dial-up at her house, so I'm not sure how often she'll really be able to do it.

I expect that posting will be sporadic- lots to show at certain times, and then stretches without much to say. I've come to terms with the idea that sort of schedule is ok on some blogs.

Anyway, if you are so inclined, take a peek, follow, fav, +1, advertise there, share in any way you want, if you are so inclined.

And for a progress report: I've got seven quarts of crabapple juice in the fridge. Tomorrow I will put it all in canning jars and process them. It's concentrated, so that represents about 14 weeks worth of breakfast juice for me over the winter, and about 25 servings of the crabapple sauce. I also made one batch of jelly. Might do more. It's really, really yummy.

See Grazing the Ditches
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betchai said...

i love your new blog, but could not leave a comment there, the captcha appears but there is no box for me to type the word verification. anyway, would love to learn more about your wild foods, hopefully get a taste of them someday by making my own :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

betchai- I wonder if the page didn't load completely. I just tested it, and it seems fine. Double checked the settings too. I actually don't have it set to require verification. Thanks for trying!

Glynis Peters said...

What a good idea! Off to have a browse.

sir rob said...

That's just wonderful. Congrats for your new blog and be visiting it in a while. I'm not sure if I would have one more, lil boy needs more attention and guidance. Probably when we have someone to help us around the house.

wiseacre said...

I've thought of doing something similar but I'm not much for foraging when there's pizza available.

maybe a wild pizza topping guide? I could have fun with that. The biggest section could feature mystery mushrooms

wildpizzatoppings dot com :)

spinninglovelydays said...

Congrats on a great new blog! I always enjoy your posts here that involve foraging and wild food. :)

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- Thanks! You were the first to note the problem. I think I have it fixed now.

Glynis- hopefully there will be lots of useful info for you (or anyone)

borris- I NEVER could have done this when we had a little one at home.

John- yes, pizza is good. Need some wild tomatoes, eh?

Ivy- thanks- seems sensible to collect them and focus.

Ann said...

looks good, I went over and follow now. Good luck with it.

RNSANE said...

It really sounds wonderful and well worth the effort, especially when winter rolls around and you have such good juice!

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