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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Portage Lake- A Brief Glimpse

I had to go back to one of my assigned locations today due to a stupid mistake. I managed to have the camera on the wrong setting and all the pix from there were so badly out of focus I couldn't use them. I don't get paid for a second trip, but I tried to enjoy the moment in a beautiful place.

This boardwalk beckoned me. The chain gate was open. In fact, I didn't even notice it till I came back. I thought it was a public access, but there is a sign on the chain that says private. So you get a little private view of Portage Lake. Portage Lake is where Onekama (oh-NECK-uh-muh) is located. (And that is where John of Random Stream of Consciousness is from.) It's another beautiful west Michigan place.


The boardwalk leads through a wetland, technically a wet meadow. It looks grassy and solid, but I suspect it's really soggy to walk on. There were quite a few of these trees, the tamarack. The tamarack is one of the few conifers that drops its needles every year.


I suspect this sign gives weight to the "private" theory. Imagine my surprise (since I thought it was public) to discover...

clothing optional sign

...this sign! If you can read the small print you will see that someone imported it from California. Oh, those California girls! But, the lake itself was lovely, in the late sun.

Portage Lake

Now, I have to scoot. I've got about two more hours of work to do yet. Oh, yeah... my computer got ANOTHER virus today. That part is not very funny.

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teecup said...

I find the first pic very picturesque (lol... Do I make sense?) and the second to the last one quite amusing. Hmmm...

Secondary Roads said...

What would we do without humor and humorists? That certainly is a lovely place.

Unknown said...

Very cool, I like to be out in my kayak on the lake when the yacht club is doing one of their races. It is so cool to see a fleet of sailboats zipping across the lake!

Thanks for the mention!

spinninglovelydays said...

What a beautiful state you live in! lol at the California beach sign :D

betchai said...

hahaha, you made me laugh at the last picture, we have a small stretch of beach here, but is kind of secluded since only people who are willing to hike steeply down the bluffs and go back up can access which is clothing optional.

Sharkbytes said...

teecup- no denying it- that boardwalk just draws one in.

Chuck- most any view on that lake is pleasant, it just seems to have a nice shape for that

John- it's big enough for a nice kayak day

Ivy- thanks, yes, I think it really is nice- so many lakes and the sand

betchai- I don't know if the sign really came from California, or is sold as a joke. But we have to tease California for something.

RNSANE said...

So what's wrong with our "Clothing Optional" beaches. We're just trying to make the sea creatures feel more comfortable! There is one right on Federal property in city limits in San Francisco! Of course, you have to use a lot of sun screen or you can get one heck of a bootie burn. For the record, I don't do clothing optional...though I might have back in the day when my figure was more lithe and winsome!

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