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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Serious Addiction

OK, I'm going to reveal another fact about myself, without any meme which requires me to do it. I have a serious addiction. OK, I have several. Peanut butter, coffee, diet coke, hiking, apparently blogging, but really, this one is serious.

If I participate in this activity at all, I really can't stop. I've been "clean" for quite a few years, because I haven't have any opportunity to fall off the wagon.

It's... pinball.

My two favorite games won't play on anything higher than Windows 98. I still have that on an old computer, but that monitor died. So I've had enforced restraint.

But tonight I found a flash pinball that is free, fun, adorable, and deceptively difficult to get the high scoring prizes. My best score so far is 4,358,000. The top score is 25 times that!

Power Pinball screenshot

It's called Power Pinball.

Sigh, I'm hopeless. Let me off the leash for just a short while, and look what happens.

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betchai said...

hahaha, we have too many addictions, don't we? I don't play computer games anymore because it is so addicting it's usually too late already when I stop, I already suffer from really bad headache.

Dick Stone said...

Ok. I will seriously have to check this out.

Secondary Roads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Secondary Roads said...

Yours is an addiction that I too share. I just upgraded my video card to play Future Pinball and Visual Pinball. Many table available for free download. Sure is fun to play those games in full HD graphics!

vanilla said...

Good times, and have fun. Seriously, when I was a young man living in the big city, I became addicted to pinball, the big ol' box kind you played in seedy places. Ostensibly "nickel" machines, but of course the more nickels you fed them, the greater the "payoff." Not a good thing, and I have never played pinball on the computer.

Ann said...

I used to play pinball on an older computer that we used to have. I can certainly relate to the addiction. I also share a few of your others :)

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- these games are SO bad for us on so many levels, but they are SO hard to stop!

dickster- I will be curious to hear if you like it.

Chuck- But it sounds as if you can do it with moderation.

vanilla- there is a lot to be said for the real pinball tables. I think I've played on the computer more than for real by this point in life. I tend to like the 2D renditions better than the 3D ones. Not sure why.

Ann- nice to have things in common with friends, even if it is addictions!

Ferd said...

OH NO!!!
As a kid I used to save up my dimes and go with a friend to a neighborhood store that had several machines. We'd spend hours there. I LOVE pinball! But I never even thought of trying it on the computer. Maybe I shouldn't even try it!
I also share your Diet Coke, hiking and blogging addictions, but not the peanut butter (allergy to peanuts.)
Well, you could have a lot worse addictions!

RNSANE said...

I've never played pinball but I refuse to get started on that. I have too many other games I play. Now I'm doing "Words With Friends" scrabble which I like. At least, it's slower.

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