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Friday, September 2, 2011

Rainy Day

rain through window

Today was supposed to be an Ellen and Joan Adventure. Instead we got some badly needed rain. It came down so hard it looked to be falling in white streaks, and the wind was blowing the pine branches around.

Although it was hard to give up a play day, the rain smelled and felt great. We sure needed it. I like how this picture makes the picnic table indistinct.

rain through window

I did more with crabapples (stay tuned at Grazing the Ditches), and I played pinball. High score up to 8,675,900.

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jeanlivingsimple said...

We need some serious rain also. Glad y'all got a good one!

sir rob said...

How I wish it rains here already. Though it's not that hot already but it still does made you hide under an aircondition.

Ann said...

We had rain like that the other day. It was coming down so fast I could barely see the road when i was driving to work.

vanilla said...

Truly nice pictures through the windows. Won't work for me, windows only get washed when it rains, and that is not recently.
98 here yesterday 101 today? What? This is not Texas!

betchai said...

oh, we need that too, however we don't get rain here usually until maybe November or December :( summer and fall is our driest season :( lovely rain pictures.

Sharkbytes said...

Jean- I know that Texas needs it SO badly, and other places too. I would be glad to share, if I could!

borris- Hoping you get some relief soon too

Ann- I think that's TOO hard... it won't soak in. Glad you made it safely

vanilla- wash windows? I mighta done that once... o wait, that was a different house.

betchai- you're in California, right? You don't get rain in the summer?

RNSANE said...

Pinball seems like a good rainy day activity. I'm hooked on Zuma Blitz and Farkle on Facebook. I do love Canasta on Yahoo but haven't played in awhile.

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