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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work and Wildlife?

I've been crazy busy this week with work. I was assigned 22 cases. That's good for the wallet, but leaves chasing my tail. I also have several active clients for web site work at the moment, too. I was out doing assignments in the rain again today. I'll share my best wildlife sightings.

First is the wild turkey. If you track any nature blogs from the Northeastern U.S., you've probably seen pictures of them before. They are much funnier looking than the white domestic turkeys.

wild turkey

These are young males. See the "beards' of feathers hanging off their chests. Most females don't have these. The "snood" - that red thing on their heads, can change colors.

wild turkey

Next we have the elusive and rare wren-tailed blue duck. It's so rare, I'm speechless.

duck lawn ornament

Actually, I would love to feature this entire yard, but I probably shouldn't do that. The family was not home, but they have to have several crafty people. There were all kinds of decorations made with cement and small stones, colored glass, tiles, etc. There was a garden trellis gate woven of saplings and the pathway was named with twigs attached to the top bar. Baby trees were ringed with rocks. It was all quite interesting!

Here's the best, though. I was driving down a dirt road, in the pouring rain, and two large animals appeared in the road ahead of me. Two... black...cows.

cows in road

They were actually fairly dangerous to get by. Mom was considering thinking of me as a threat. They insisted on trotting along right ahead of me, and mom put herself between me and the calf. She kept looking over her shoulder at the car. I wasn't sure that she might turn and charge the car if I tried to pass. But eventually she and the calf turned off into the bushes. Hope they find their own field soon!

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rainfield61 said...

The wren-tailed blue duck is really rare, or is an endangered species.

wiseacre said...

I caught some turkeys in the yard this morning. I haven't got them off the camera yet.

Loretta said...

Yay for the wallet..boo for the skinny tail. Sooo glad you did not try to pass "mom"...she probably could have kicked quite a dent in your car..

Lin said...

Ooooh! I love the blue-tailed duck!

Well, that is one thing I don't see on my way to work is cows. You've got me beat on that one, Sharkey!

Secondary Roads said...

Plenty of turkeys in our neighborhood. Have yet to see them near the house or barn though.

Ann said...

you sound very busy. how lucky to spot that wren-tailed blue duck.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- This is the only one I've ever seen. It's a real homebody too, doesn't migrate, you know.

wiseacre- turkey sightings were exciting when we first came here. Now, they've done so well that even with a hunting season they are all over the place.

Loretta- I think she would have done it too!

Lin- I doubt that you are driving sand roads either! Hey, I once had to wait in Chicago traffic for 2 hours while they cleared a truck full of sheep that had tipped over on the Skyway.

Chuck- One year they nested under my back pines, but I haven't seen them there for a couple of seasons.

Ann- This week has been nuts. I'm hoping for a little more relaxed next week.

RNSANE said...

What an interesting duck!!

Glad you didn't have to run from the cow...and, can you imagine what a bull with horns might have done to your car!!!

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