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Monday, September 5, 2011

Details from the Bike Ride

It was hard to pick just a few pictures from our Cadillac to Tustin bike ride yesterday. I've decided these are my favorites.

On the side of a building in Tustin we saw one of the decorative, painted quilt blocks that are becoming popular. I've never seen one done in the basket design, so I really liked that.

painted basket quilt block

The rest of my favorites are nature's offerings. If you click the picture, it will take you to my photo pages where you can see the image larger, and also other shots.

First, we have the charming calico aster. I showed this last year, but these were some particularly lovely plants. It's always been Aster lateriflorum, but with the new taxonomy, I see they are changing it to Symphyotrichum lateriflorum.

calico aster

Next is also a familiar friend, the monarch butterfly. If you live in the northeast U.S., this butterfly is so common I tend to overlook it. However, it is a stunning insect. It's Danaus plexippus

monarch butterfly

Finally, it was sunny, but not too hot. It was just warm enough to coax the turtles out on logs to sun themselves. This painted turtle looks very relaxed, I think! I also stopped and moved a smaller one out of the bike path. Even though motorized vehicles aren't allowed, one isn't always looking down while biking- it would be all too easy to at least injure a careless turtle. I like its scientific name... it sort of rolls off the tongue, Chrysemys picta.

painted turtle

Tomorrow, top commenters for August, unless something spectacular comes along.

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rainfield61 said...

I planned to watch the hatching of baby turtles during my recent trip.

I planned to fail because the Turtle Sanctuary was closed for holiday.

Colleen said...

Fantastic...just beautiful! What a ride that must have been.

Lin said...

I like barn quilts, but that one is pretty wild in its pattern.

I noticed all of the insects and the frogs taking full advantage of the warm sun now that it has gotten chilly. Lots of butterflies out and about and the the hummingbird is at the feeder ALL the time!

unikorna said...

Aside from the butterfly, that gives me the creeps, your snapshots of magic nature are enchanting. You sure know your way around a camera :)>

Secondary Roads said...

Very nice pics. I particularly like Chrysemys picta.

wiseacre said...

That turtle looks like it's in no danger of being run over.

I find it hard to get a photo of them sunning themselves. They may look relaxed but any movement and poof they're gone.

RNSANE said...

Beautiful shots, all of them! I am very familiar with the lovely Monarch but I, especially, like that turtle. It's nice to see them out enjoying the sun.

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