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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's a Seige!

I'm leaving these pictures in the long view so that you will understand just what I saw this afternoon. I was out doing work assignments for 7 hours. Took a few pix to show you, but nothing special. However, on the way home, after the last case, I was driving past a wetland that I always check for birds. (I've seen some interesting things there.)

This is what I saw! (Only farther away, because I zoomed in for the pictures.) Basically what I saw was a lot of heads farther above the water level than ducks would be.

sandhill cranes

I turned around and drove down a side road that may or may not be closer to the wetland, but it was a safer place to park. Do you remember them? Even as far away as I was, they were disturbed when I got out of the car.

sandhill cranes

If you don't recognize them yet, the title is a clue. It's not a murder of crows, or a brace of ducks, but a seige of...

sandhill cranes

... cranes, sandhill cranes, Grus canadensis, that is. Once a few of them started moving they all rose and whirled around like a little tornado, then settled down in a farther pond.

I did crop one photo that had a nice individual crane.

sandhill crane in flight

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Loretta said...

WOW......you got the shot on that individual one. Bet it was neat to watch them all rise up and swirl around....fun surprise for the day!

Glynis Peters said...

How fantastic! What a scene. Well spotted!

Unknown said...

What magnificent birds!! What fabulous shots, wonderful!

Secondary Roads said...

Sandy is a regular visitor around these parts. I've never seen that many of the noisy critters in one place before.

Unknown said...

What a great find! Seems rare to me that one would see so many congregating in one spot.

A month ago on our way to Chelsea we say a group of 3 or so. I feel like they are both clumsy and graceful, if that makes any sense.


Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- They must be flocking up to fly south. I've never seen that many together

Glynis- It was great- there were some there again yesterday, but not as many

Polly- although I like closeups, these show their behavior nicely

Chuck- I think they were getting organized for the fall flight

John- you make great sense. There is a lot of bird there to keep under control and get off the ground.

RNSANE said...

Wow, you got a terrific shot of that crane!

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