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Monday, July 16, 2012

The Goggily Monster

So last year I bought a cheap pair of swim goggles so I could keep my eyes open better while I was swimming. I need to stay just outside of the line of weeds (they just feel icky on my legs), and inside of where the power boats are cruising around. I learned that I liked the goggles, but not the $6 ones that didn't seal properly.

So I finally got my act together and went into town to the sport shop to look for a "real" pair. Actually, they were only $20, so that wasn't too painful. I wore them today, and they seal perfectly around my eyes- no more water sloshing on my eyeballs inside the lenses!

Not only that, but the lenses are treated to cut glare. That's really nice, because late afternoon (when I usually swim), when I do the side stroke on my way back, the sun is right in my eyes.

So when I got home from the lake today, I decided to put on a silly grin and take a picture of my new goggles to show you.

swim goggles

Yikes! Now there's a new look for me if I ever saw one. No wonder small children ran screaming from the shallows to find their mothers when I entered the water.

Now if I could just get the earplugs to seal as well.

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Loretta said...

yikes...would not recognize you swimming towards me in the water...

rainfield61 said...

A monster with big black eyes.

Secondary Roads said...

Looks like a friendly sort of fish to me. I'm the kid that instead of running away came walking up to get better acquainted. Nice looking eye wear there lady.

Ann said...

Well maybe little children were running in fear but I found this cute. I love the goggily look :) Fun!

Lin said...

There is nothing like a good pair of goggles! They are well worth the money if you get at good pair that you like.

Nice look. ;)

Sharkbytes said...

Loretta- I think I look pretty scary too. Good thing I don't really smile like this

rainfield- "bug" eyes

Chuck- they look really nice from the inside

Ann- Can't say I love the look, but I love the function

Lin- So far I'm really happy with them

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