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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kayaking and Swimming

Ellen and I thought we might have to cancel. The morning was gray, and she even got a little rain at her house (I didn't). Gray wouldn't matter, but thunderstorms were predicted. Playing on water in electrical storms is not a good idea.

But we ate lunch, and the day cleared off and turned bright and hot. We did the paddle we always do from Ellen's because there is no transporting of boats. We paddled across Bass Lake.

Bass Lake

The outlet from that small lake to Lake Michigan is always one of the prettiest spots I know for small boats. It's shaded and intimate with interesting plants.

Bass Lake outlet

The outlet leads to Lake Michigan. The big lake was warm enough for swimming but cool enough to feel REALLY good. We swam for a while- nothing too strenuous. And then we paddled back!

Lake Michigan

And some of those interesting plants? Lots of water lilies blooming. I liked this one which was not shy about showing off and not hiding in the leaves.

water lily

The interesting shrub known as buttonbush was also in bloom.


I'm always smiling when we are playing outside!

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Ann said...

That looks like a fun and yet relaxing day. Love the shot of the water lily

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- it was just what I needed!

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