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Friday, July 6, 2012


I'm on my way to bed in about ten minutes. The day is over and I survived.

But look who I saw this morning! A lovely killdeer.


They are so named because that's what their call sounds like, sometimes repeated like "kill-deer, eer, eer" or "kill-dee."

They nest on the ground, and the babies run around as soon as they are hatched. I hope some day I can get a picture of a line of babies with mom. They look like a group in formal wear on the way to a party.


I don't know if this one had a nest, but she was acting sort of like she might. They just make a shallow depression in the dirt and lay eggs that look pretty much like stones. They hatch in just a few days.

 Can you find the eggs? Here's a nest I pictured in 1993. You can roll your mouse over the picture for some help.

I love this one! 'Scuse me while I shake my tail!


OK, I'm seriously going to bed. Only two more days of paper route.

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betchai said...

wow, that is indeed such a lovely picture of the killdeer.

rainfield61 said...


Luckily is what their call sounds like, and not what they are going to kill.

Chuck said...

Great shot of the bird. I did spot the eggs before doing the roll-over.

vanilla said...

Killdeer are so much fun to watch!
One nests in the lot across the street from us. Very nice photos.

Ann said...

I saw a lot of those last year, they were apparently nesting in the empty lot next to my house. This year I haven't seen one.

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

Thanks for giving us this post. I have never seen a killdeer. Perhaps they don't like South Louisiana weather, or perhaps I'm just not observant enough.

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- Do you have them out west?

rainfield- that would be some bird that could kill a deer!

Chuck- good for you

vanilla & Ann- Hooray for spotting nests

Pat- I think you should see them in the winter. They like open fields. Thanks for stopping by!

Reena said...

Great shots of the killdeer! Looks like she is giving you a warning!