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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wildlife of the Day

More work assignments, and a nice assortment of common, but fun wildlife.

Here's a squirrel outside someone's house. He certainly looks like he has no stress over where dinner will come from.

gray squirrel

In the same yard, a chipmunk so nonchalant he felt relaxed enough to take this uncharacteristic pose. Hardly gave me a thought... just glanced over his shoulder.


Can't ignore the amphibious buddies. Here's a smallish green frog. Probably this year's tadpole.

green frog

How about some more flutter-bys? Here's a head-on view of a very much alive little wood satyr that I just introduced a couple of days ago.

little wood satyr

And finally, a common buckeye. It was enjoying the damp mud near the green frogs.

common buckeye

Doing reports on the assignments tonight. Not nearly as much fun as being outside, but I can't complain about a nice collection of critters for the day!

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Lin said...

That is a nice collection! I like the bullfrog, of course, but I like the chipmunk too. I don't have them in my yard. Probably a good thing with the kitties and all.

Stay cool--I hear the heat is coming back. :(

Chuck said...

Oh me, and oh my
What a wonderful eye
You see all the fun
Beneath the Earth's sun

And you share it with folk like me.
For that I can't but thank thee.

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

Nice critters indeed. Photos are refreshing, giving us moments in the great outdoors with God's creatures.

Loretta said...

love Chuck's poem!

Ann said...

you did get a nice critter collection. Cute chipmunk. I've been seeing one on my porch lately.

Ann said...

you did get a nice critter collection. Cute chipmunk. I've been seeing one on my porch lately.

RNSANE said...

What a great job that gets you out and about for such wonderful photography. The squirrel and chipmunk posed so nicely for you, too...kind of like they are enjoying the attention.

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