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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hoosier Cabinet- Major Project

Marie and I started off the day going to church, then out to breakfast, and to take some pictures in Ludington that I need for my monthly newspaper column. We also discovered that the lighthouse was open for people to go up in. Boy, do I feel dumb. It's been open to the public for six years, but I didn't know that. I mostly stay out of town during tourist season!

Ludington Lighthouse

We had to go to the top! The guide took our picture.

Ludington Lighthouse

By the time we got home we were hungry again, and had to play a couple of games of Quiddler, too. Then we started on the major project I do want to accomplish this week, the refinishing of my Hoosier Cabinet.

Actually, my mother started the project possibly 30 years ago. I got back to it a couple of years ago, and gave up when I wasn't happy with the stripper I was using, and ran out of time.

So first, we had to empty it and take it all apart again (I hadn't put the doors back on after the last attempt, but most of it was together).

We made a start- trying the different brand of stripper, and deciding we liked it. Then it was time for a little more food and a walk for Maggie who has been getting the short end of the stick this week.

Do we know how to trash a kitchen, or what?

refinishing a cabinet

Even the parts that were previously done have to be gone over at least once with the good stripper. We worked on it all evening- Marie more than I, because I had to write my column.

refinishing a cabinet

Marie thinks we can get it all stripped and start polyurethaning tomorrow. I think she just doesn't want to face the idea that it will take longer than that! However, if she decides to finish something, she can be a real task master. We shall see.

I love this cabinet! I tell people if something happens to it I won't be able to cook any more. I'm only half kidding. It's been a part of "my" kitchen since I was old enough to know what a kitchen was, except for a few years at the beginning of our marriage before Mom gave it to me. It also has a lower-than-the-currently-normal work counter height. I'm short. Regular counters are too high for me. I'm going to be really happy to have this looking nice.

Of course, we have to finish that one wall on the library building some time, too. Hey folks, the door stretcher was a joke! I actually filled in the top of the door frame to make the door fit- a "cheap" fix for a door that doesn't get used too often.

See Ludington Beach in January
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Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

Sigh. Bigger sigh. I wish I had just a medium sized bottle of your energy.
Another good post, even if it did wear me out thinking about all that work.

vanilla said...

Believe it or not, I got the "door stretcher" joke; but you did such a good job I let it pass. We have a cabinet just like that, but I have yet to complete the stripping and refinishing of the library table I started three years ago?!

Secondary Roads said...

Things certainly "happen" when you and Marie get together. Quintessential "Get 'er Done."

Ann said...

You must be the busiest person I know. I don't know how you manage to squeeze in time for sleep

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