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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Cranes Came Back

I actually snapped these pictures yesterday, but then didn't post them since I thought I had a shot at getting to sleep early. It worked. Good thing too. Today was long.

These are two of the three sandhill cranes that have been hanging out in my field. SO COOL.

I am quite surprised that they seem to like it here. The only water nearby is the creek in the cemetery which is in a steep gully- not a wetland which they prefer. The first time I scared them up they were under the pines. Now that makes some sense; a nice shady place to rest that is somewhat hidden.

I never expected to seem them another day, and was just stomping along- they all took to the air before I realized they were there. But I caught a couple of decent flight pictures.

sandhill crane

sandhill crane

Tomorrow I'm leading the trail club hike. It should be great, but the day starts at 3 am again. I think I'm going to bed really soon.

See Crane or Heron?
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rainfield61 said...

Your day starts at 3am.

You must really enjoy that.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! We see great numbers of cranes and geese on their migrations, but usually only if they are calling so that we look up. And it always makes me cry when I see them heading south and think of the great journeys they make, the dangers they face, and their enormous courage. And then when they return in the spring, it makes me cry all over again. :)

Secondary Roads said...

Today, I tried four times without success to leave a comment on this. Those are nice shots. The cranes are quite raucous as they are flying. We see them often.

Ann said...

3 am is an early start. Very cool capture of the cranes.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You did a wonderful job capturing shots of those cranes. Beautiful. Wow, I thought my days started early. Not even a contest.

Elizabeth said...

I liked your photos. My husband paints and was just looking at pictures of blue herons and white cranes to add to his latest painting. They're both found in our area.

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