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Monday, July 23, 2012

Too Hot

I'm sorry- I'm too hot and tired to do a good post. I have to go out to do assignments directly from the paper route tomorrow. I need to do as many as I can tomorrow because it's supposed to be marginally cooler, and it's efficient to take off right from the end of the route. That will still leave me with some for Wednesday. I need to get them done because...

Marie comes on Thursday!!!! We are supposed to do our project week here. I hope I'm functional.

Of course I got a huge pile of assignments. That's good- I can use the cash, but it makes a really full week.

I got my exhaust system fixed this morning, so I'm won't be waking up everyone tomorrow when I deliver their paper. (Did I tell you it came apart Saturday night?)

This particular stretch of paper route has been particularly brutal. I have to do a few odds and ends and go to bed.

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Secondary Roads said...

Too Hot has certainly been the theme for this year.

Ann said...

Sweet dreams :)

betchai said...

hope you got good rest sharkbytes.

Lin said...

It's been a tough summer--too hot to do much...work or fun. I feel like we are in the house ALL the time--something I don't like.

I hope August brings us nicer weather.

I'll bet some people like hearing you come in that loud car--at least they know their paper is there!

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