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Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Exercise at Pratt Lake

Today, after attending church with Bruce & Linda, I headed for...

and stopped on the way so Maggie and I could stretch our legs at Pratt Lake. I chose this place because it was there. No other reason. It was a damp, gray morning, and nothing seemed to be very interesting.

Pratt Lake

But apart from the physical exercise of taking a [very] short walk, I set myself to another exercise, as in practice session, of looking for some beauty in this rather drab-looking place.

You'll have to decide if I succeeded.

knot in wood

blue lichen

larvae tracks in wood

Pratt Lake



... and where was I on my way to? I'm there now. Don't you wish you knew? Come back tomorrow to find out.

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Lin said...

There's always beauty out there....sometimes you just have to look harder than others. I think you found some cool stuff though. :)

How is Maggie's leg doing?

Secondary Roads said...

You found the beauty! Thanks for sharing it with us.

vanilla said...

Yes. Yes, you did!

john bain said...

You did. I like the tree trunk.
Nice to see Maggie. I hope she is well.

Ann said...

You succeeded in a BIG way. You found some really interesting things. The second and fourth one are very cool.

Ann said...

Hi Joan, to answer your question about my book page wreath. The pages are rolled and then stapled at the top then glued on to a round piece of cardboard. I just used hot glue for the whole thing

Rita T. said...

Very cool pictures!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Lin- It looks terrible. I'm still trying to get it healed. I couldn't use the spray dressing over the weekend because it leaves purple stains everywhere.

Chuck- glad you like it

vanilla- had to look for the details

John- I'm partial to that one too. There were such great patterns

Ann- I never expected to find so many- there were even some I didn't share. Thanks for the directions!

Rita- Thank you! And thanks for stopping by

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful nature scenes! Maggie looks ready for a walk. Great shots!

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