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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Playful Squirrels

Since Ratty isn't regularly posting enough pictures of squirrels to keep us entertained any more (there's a blog buddy I miss, but he's busy getting his life re-established in Iowa), I'll bring you a couple of playful gray squirrels.

Even though the one looks a bit orange on the side, the white underparts clearly identify this as a gray squirrel.

gray squirrel

gray squirrel

These two were chasing each other from roof to tree and back. There were black walnuts in the yard. Although I didn't see the squirrels collecting any, I suspect that was part of the attraction of the area to them.

Just as an aside, I now have 677 photos on my Shark Shots photo site. Slowly, but surely, I keep adding to it.

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Jackie said...

Oh I do love to watch squirrels. The gray ones are really pretty.

They are my favorites. We don't have them here in Oklahoma. We only have the smaller red squirrels.

I get to watch them when I visit the kids back in Maine though.

Great shots you got there Shark. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

I am smiling!!:-)

Secondary Roads said...

Cute little rascals. Aren't they?

FWIW, your link doesn't work to the animals doesn't work. I received the 404 message. Sri. :(

rainfield61 said...

Yes, I remember those day where squirrels running around in the Internet.

Ann said...

Yes it has been a long time since I've seen Ratty's squirrels so it's nice of you to share yours.

Sharkbytes said...

Jackie- the little red ones are so cute, but they are little marauders!

Chuck- rascals is right!

rainfield- Ratty was so good at finding squirrel antics for us!

Ann- I actually don't see them as often as he seemed to, but he was so good at getting their pictures.

John said...

We moved house last week and I haven't seen any squirrels in the new garden... I keep looking and hoping :-)