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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Slush and (Good) Stuff

Well, there's nothing too wonderful in the weather today. Slush, rain, hail, mess.

slushy driveway

However, I have a couple of additional part-time jobs. I'll be working for the local newspaper stuffing and bundling papers a couple of shifts a week, and oddly enough, I'll also be doing some freelance writing for them too.

Have to increase the income here... too many things have been breaking lately, and I've been getting fewer assignments on my other job. So I'm thankful to find some opportunities without a huge amount of effort and multiple rejections.

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Secondary Roads said...

It was rain when I went to be last (Thursday) night. This morning I woke to see snow and ice. I'm just glad that 27 hours of rain was rain and not snow.

WTG on the new part-time. Hope it helps.

John said...

I hate walking in slush. I don't mind snow, but slush is a pain :-(

Ann said...

same kind of weather here today too. A good night for staying inside.
The freelance writing sounds like it's right up your alley

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- Thank you! I hope I can juggle all this, but I have to improve the cash flow.

Hi John- Are you still blogging?

Ann- the weather today was brutal. 50+ mph winds and snow. I didn't go out.

John said...

Sharkbytes - things have been so hectic I'm taking an extended break :-(

RNSANE said...

It's always good to have extra income. Living in India is the only way I've been able to survive since my job ended nearly four years ago. I ended up with only a half pension and that, & social security, aren't enough to live in the SF area. With my love of travel, India is good for me. Eventually, I'll settle near Sacramento and my middle son which is more affordable but, right now, it's nice to be in India when I can.

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