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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Strangest Christmas Ever

Although I know this won't seem like anything odd to most of you, it was so unusual for us that it has to be the topic of the day.

Om and I spent a very quiet Christmas with no one else. We stayed up late last night watching old TV shows (Alfred Hitchcock and Burns & Allen), then we slept in. I got a small jigsaw puzzle in my stocking, so I put that together while Om played on his computer.

Breakfast was red Texas grapefruit with maraschino cherries (a favorite fruit mix of Om's mom).

Steve actually called, and we talked for a while. But he has the flu so he feels awful and mostly wanted to go back to bed. Josh didn't show up at all. Om put some more ornaments on the tree. He's decided he's going to add some each day for the 12 days of Christmas.

I put Christmas music on all day. Since I haven't been doing this for the past month I wasn't jaded by it all, and it enhanced my holiday feelings.

Om got me a X-country ski ornament, and I got him an eagle.

ski ornamenteagle ornament

We had our big meal in the middle of the day. We just wanted to eat in sight of the tree, so set up a card table in the living room. We had pork chops baked in barbeque sauce, sweet potatoes and peas. Nothing fancy on purpose. Trying to keep the calories under control, and we did have some extra candy for the holiday. We were going to bake cookies, but didn't get around to it, and the candy satisfied our need for chocolate.

Can you tell who loves Christmas? The picture doesn't show the socks that go with this outfit.

Christmas dinner

Don't forget Miss Maggie Sweet Potato Pie. She got her Christmas meal too.

dog licking baking dish

I went out on the snowshoes for a short while. The snow wasn't great, but it was good to be out, and now I know how out of shape I am!

This evening we went to see the Hobbit. Classic Jackson Tolkien epic. I have to re-read the book immediately. I think they added a lot of extra swordplay and slashing and growling and stuff that isn't really what the story is about. They did include a lot of history from the Silmarillion. I'm fine with that.

We actually did a tiny splurge at the theater. We bought a small bag of popcorn with butter. It's been years since I've had theater popcorn. Very yummy and a wonderful treat.

I've done a lot of family posts this week. No particular reason... this blog is just potpourri- you get whatever happens to grab my attention. Tomorrow is a work day, so perhaps there will be something outside again. Who knows?

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wenn said...

Merry Christmas!

Lin said...

Om looks like Santa in that photo!! :)

We had a quiet day too--but I like that sort of Christmas. I'm not one for crowded family gatherings--too much noise...and stress for me.

I'm off to work today too. I brought my lunch so I get back to eating good again...I need veggies, yogurt and fruit to feel like me again. Oh, and I'm off to the pool after work. No more holiday for the old bod!

vanilla said...

Potpourri: my favorite kind of blog, and yours is one of my favorites!
Om's eagle and Om himself, very classy Christmas.

(I made waffles with bacon and eggs for Christmas dinner.)

Secondary Roads said...

The two of us had a quiet day here too. We dined on Chinese left overs and watched Men in Black III on Blu Ray. Before retiring, we called our son, Scott, and had a nice chat.

Ann said...

Om is one festive guy, Love the shirt and hat.
Your day sounds about like ours was. It was just me and Wade and a nice quiet day

Sharkbytes said...

wenn- Nice to see you. Hope yours was happy!

Lin- work always seems to be there, eh?

vanilla- Thank you. Waffles- yum!

Chuck- Chinese food you can have. MIB III I have not seen, but I love the others.

Ann- His favorite role is Christmas guy!

John said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic relaxing day. We were zooming here, there and everywhere to visit people...

I'm rereading the Hobbit (3rd time I think). Do you remember the Hobbit computer game (early 1980's)? I tried to read the Silmarillion but gave up a few chapters in :-(

RNSANE said...

What a wonderful Christmas post. I love Om's holiday pajamas and the meal by the tree was perfect. It's nice visiting with you two.