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Monday, December 31, 2012

Answers to Vocabulary Dec 2012

vocabularyI'll be doing two posts today so I can give these answers, and also post something new.

My new words this month and the multiple choices to guess are found at Vocabulary Day Dec 2012. There are also some great daffynitions from Chuck and Ann, you might want to check out.

1. berlin
b. a type of carriage- it was named for the city of Berlin where it was developed. It was an enclosed carriage with two seats and a hooded exterior seat at the back where the footman sat.

2. entrepot
c. a warehouse- a place where goods are stored, sometimes a duty free port
d. repartee are you thinking of entre nous?

3. bombazine
a. a twill fabric with a silk warp and wool weft- it was often made in black and used to make mourning clothes
d. a person who is too full of themselves you are probably thinking of a bombast

4. thalassocracy
b. a country that rules the sea (has naval supremacy)- from thalassa (Greek for sea) and kratein (to rule)

5. fustian
a. a strong fabric of cotton and linen
c. high-flown or affected writing
both of these are correct

6. polymath
d. one who has a wide range of knowledge- what we might call a Renaissance person

7. putative
a. belligerent are you thinking of pugilistic?
b. boating in small craft one sort of small boat is a punt
c. reputed- both words are from Latin putāre to think, consider, reckon,

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Secondary Roads said...

I would have gotten four or five without help. I had more fun with the daffynitions.

Ann said...

I might have gotten lucky on a few by guessing but had no idea what any of them were