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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Titmouse Poses

Today was a work day, and at someone's bird feeder I tried really hard to capture a nervous tufted titmouse. They don't hold still for long.

tufted titmouse

The easiest way to identify them is that they are a small gray bird with a crest. But, do you think I can manage to catch that crest lifted with the camera? Nope! However, he seems to want to play hide and seek.

tufted titmouse

"How do you like my tail?"

tufted titmouse

See At Ellen's Birdfeeder
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Secondary Roads said...

They are so cute, aren't they? I really enjoy this joyful little creatures. At least they make me feel joyful. I don't know why, but they do.

Jackie said...

I love birds. I spend hours at outside too trying to capture good shots.

I too wait as you did for him to show off his crown. But, usually an event like that happens just after I put down my camera.

I love to see bird pictures and these are wonderful. Birds make me happy!

Happy day to you!:-)

Jackie said...

If my grammar gets any worse when I am leaving comments I don't know what I will do....LOL:-)))))

john bain said...

This is proper bird photography!

eileeninmd said...

The Titmouse are cute birds, fun photos. Have a great day and weekend!

Shelly said...


Reena said...

They are very quick! Lots of them at my feeders these days and yet to get a great clear picture of them. Have a great weekend!

Sharkbytes said...

Chuck- I think their nervousness makes them look very high-energy, and thus we envy their joy

Jackie- some day I'll have more time to sit at someone's feeder and get a decent shot

John- proper in that I take whatever the birds are doing?

Eileen- they really are cute, but so elusive!

Shelly- lots of little birds bring on an "aw!"

reena- well, if you can't get a clear picture I don't feel so incompetent!

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