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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vocabulary Day

vocabulary Two months in a row! I really do want to do this monthly. I got on a kick of reading more books about the American Revolution this month. That necessarily results in finding some words that are descriptive of things no longer in common use. I'm not slinging all of those at you (just a few). You are welcome to guess the answers from the choices, or throw daffynitions into the comment box.

Here are some of this month's new or re-learned words:

1. berlin
a. a type of muffler
b. a type of carriage
c. a cold wizard
d. a fabric of wool and heavy cotton

2. entrepot
a. potpourri
b. a chamber pot
c. a warehouse
d. repartee

3. bombazine
a. a twill fabric with a silk warp and wool weft
b. a canister shell with exploding shot
c. the person who loaded the canisters with exploding shot
d. a person who is too full of themselves

4. thalassocracy
a. a government patterned after the Greeks
b. a country that rules the sea (has naval supremacy)
c. an undifferentiated government (absolute monarchy)
d. a compassionate government

5. fustian
a. a strong fabric of cotton and linen
b. one who fusses
c. high-flown or affected writing
d. the fuse of a cannon

6. polymath
a. quadratic equations
b. fuzzy logic
c. one who delivers cutting criticism
d. one who has a wide range of knowledge

7. putative
a. belligerent
b. boating in small craft
c. reputed
d. pouting

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Ann said...

well my brain hasn't moved in to function mode just yet this morning but I'm pretty sure that bombazine is a quarterly magazine for terrorists

Secondary Roads said...

I've actually heard some of these words before so this was easy. I went on the Internet to double check all of my answers and thus offer the following:

1. berlin -- What Joe Kautz says when he comes in from the cold.

2. entrepot -- What Bahstahnians call a port of entry.

3. bombazine -- When you manage to get your name mentioned in a magazine or e-zine. Extra points given if your image is included. (Similar to photo bombing.)

4. thalassocracy -- A government controlled by women.

5. fustian -- One who makes a religion out of close attention to the details.

6. polymath -- What parrots use to keep count of crackers.

7. putative -- This is not a nice word in Spanish. I'm blushing.