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Monday, November 24, 2014

Orange Day


Just TWO days left to promote my blog in pretty much any way, let me know about it (a link I can see or a screen shot of what you did), and you get a chance to win one of my books for every share! Really low entries so far... you have a good chance to win. How about it?

Today, everything looked orange to me. It rained and rained. The snow is gone. I was out doing cases all day, and snapped some pictures. I don't like orange much, but I used to do a bunch of pictures to "please" Maggie when she was with us, so here are some orange shots in memory of Maggie Millicent.

The asparagus fields are feathery and golden orange.

asparagus gone to seed

The Pere Marquette River Flats are a monoculture of cattails that try really hard to completely obscure the river. But I found it for you.

Pere Marquette River Flats

This weathered barn is leaning with the grasses.

old barn in grass

Almost home now. I topped a rise and the weeping willow, which always looks orange in winter, was sheltering the pale orange corn stalks.

asparagus gone to seed

See Maggie Millicent 1998-2013
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1 comment:

Ann Thompson said...

Maggie would be very pleased with this post :)
My favorite is the barn with the tall grass

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