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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hamlin Dunes- Much Closer

Twice in the past week I've been able to drive some private roads, because of my job, that took me just south of The Narrows of Hamlin Lake. I'm going to pull out some maps first. Hamlin Lake "intrudes" itself on many of my adventures because it's so large. I've talked about it before and shown you this map. Yesterday I was directly west of point 10.

Hamlin Lake map

To be exact, at the red X for these pictures. The roads in this private area are one lane wide, and this spot is at a very small bridge across a creek that drains a marsh. It's marked "Cross at your own risk," but it's strong enough, just probably not up to public road standards.

Hamlin Lake map

Anyway, from that point you are directly across from the Hamlin Dunes. These are the dunes I swam to a couple of years ago. Lots of people take their boats there for a summer outing. They are a part of the State Park, but not very accessible from the land side.

A week ago, it was warmer, but the day wasn't as sunny. Here's the picture I took then. I like the monochrome feel of it.

Hamlin Lake dunes

And yesterday, it was really cold, but bright. Heck, I like the sunny shots too!

Hamlin Lake dunes

Finally, this was shot into the sun, looking down the lake to the south into the sun. But I like the results anyway. This is the big view.

Hamlin Lake

I also took some interesting detail pictures. Maybe you'll see them tomorrow. By the way, the sunset was gorgeous again tonight, right off my deck. But I wanted to show you these.

See Tour De Lacs for views from point 11
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Ann Thompson said...

It's a beautiful view in all of those pictures.
Happy New Year

Secondary Roads said...

That's a lovely area, but I'd rather make a summertime visit. On second thought, visiting with you is good at any time.