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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day- Fun, Gifts, Blessings

We had to get a little creative to have a tree this year. But we have a small fake tree, and Om put it on top of a couple things and put a few decorations on.

Christmas tree

Then he made an "ice cave" at the foot of the mountain for his village. I like it! It's different from having it spread out on a flat space.

Christmas village

I got three really nice gifts! I usually don't bother with this, but these are really cool. First, I got a denim shirt to replace the one I have that is worn out. Totally. Blown out elbows and all. And the company now offers the Lehigh Valley logo (which they didn't before), so I get my favorite train line. I have to say that I love these shirts. They don't itch AT ALL. I wear it for a "sweater" most of the time. My first one was a gift from Irene (which was how I found out about them). This replacement one is from Om.

denim shirt

And speaking of Irene, out of the blue, she sent me these genuine (not reproduction) Lehigh Valley coat buttons. Not sure if I'm going to display them or use them, but it's an awesome gift!

Lehigh Valley RR buttons

From Loretta we each received some small and fun items (and an Applebees gift card!), but my favorite is the Snoopy camp counselor ornament for my camping Christmas trees (which are taking the year off, and are likely to be appreciated more next year because of it).

Snoopy ornament

I've been having SO much fun playing the TrainStation game, I think that is my gift to myself. I spent $7 to get started with a good engine, but haven't spent another penny since, and don't feel the need to. The game is designed well enough that you can progress without needing to invest cash.

And for the blessings, it was my joy to be able to give a gift through World Vision again this year. I shopped in their Gift Catalog, and sent a sheep. OK, so it's a gimmick to get people to give. I don't care. I LIKE being able to say that I bought an animal, or invested in clean water, or something tangible.

boy with sheep

Hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

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The Furry Gnome said...

We sometimes give those sheep or goats through World Vision too. Merry Christmas!

Loritenor said...

Love the tree and the ice cave! very creative and lovely. Yay to Omer on the great shirt ... I thought your ornament was adorable and was glad it came so quickly.

John Sealander said...

Merry Christmas Joan! Glad you had a nice day...

Ann said...

I like the way you did the tree and the ice cave was a very cool idea.
Glad you had a nice day

Secondary Roads said...

I believe that Bethlehem, PA is in the Lehigh Valley. How appropriate is that at this time of year?