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Monday, December 8, 2014

Three Gifts

You may recall that one of my personal goals for this Christmas season is to take in more music. This year, at least, that means more traditional music. I find that I'm enjoying the calming it brings to my life.

Sunday morning, before Ester arrived for her visit, I went to the Methodist church in Ludington, where the choir presented the Christmas Cantata, Three Gifts, by Randy Vader, Jay Rouse,and Rose Aspinall.

I'd never heard this piece before, but it is a mixture of some re-worded familiar carols, interspersed with newer musical material and narration. In fact, it was hard to find info online, but it seems to be very recently released.


The three gifts aren't the gold frankincense and myrrh, but are our gifts of My Life, My Heart, My Praise. The choir was excellent, right on key, and the words were easy to understand.

I know a lot of people who go to that church (including some in the choir) and many of them greeted me warmly. That was really nice.

Here's another little bit of local history. This church has a fairly new building. (The old building is downtown and is now the Ludington Area Center for the Arts building where my writers' group meets, and where I've gone to some plays). But they wanted to take the stained glass windows to the new building.

stained glass window

stained glass window

The problem was how to move them. No one was willing to take the risk. But here they are, in the new building! Another friend of ours was willing to drive them there, very slowly, on a forklift. He made the trips successfully, 1.5 miles with each window, and they now bring beauty and continuity to the new venue.

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Lin said...

I like your idea of adding time for more music. What a great idea. I think I may come up with my own "making time for"....mmmmm...might be just time to relax.

Can't imagine moving those windows. That was a brave soul!

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

Beautiful, Joan. Thanks for sharing!

Secondary Roads said...

Hats off to the intrepid fellow who transported those beautiful window to the new location.

Ann Thompson said...

more music is a nice way to celebrate the season.
Those are beautiful windows I can see why they wanted to take them