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Friday, December 26, 2014

Riley's Christmas

Yes, I've come to terms with the little thief. She (I'm pretty sure) has mostly stopped chewing on the house, and she's so darned cute... A few antics pictured through dirty, triple-pane glass. Not good shots, but you'll get the idea.

red squirrel

Yes, I've named her Riley.

red squirrel

Yes, I gave her a Christmas present. She got a handful of walnuts delivered to the deck railing. Do you think she appreciated them?

red squirrel

See Robbery!
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Unknown said...

Sometimes there's nothing to do except give in to the cute. She will probably tell all her friends about the nice lady who gives out free walnuts.

rainfield61 said...

Riley is a thief.

Is a thief Riley?

Ann said...

well they do say if you can't beat em' join em' :) She is cute and I'm sure she did appreciate your gift. She looks like she's enjoying it. Kind of looks like she's saying grace before she digs in

Aaron Paul Lazar said...

She's adorable, Joan, and you have a heart of gold. ;o) Probably the best Christmas for her, ever. LOL!

Lin said...

Here is my theory on squirrels: You can't fight them. Once you just accept that they are gonna eat from your feeder, they don't bother you anymore.

I love all the old ladies in the bird feed aisle, moaning and groaning about their "squirrel problem." Me...I don't have one. I feed them along with everyone else. No problem. I think they actually are far more entertaining than the birds.

I hope Riley stops doing damage now that she's your friend.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh no yoo hav mayd frends with wun of the tree rats??? tho i do hav to admit she is kind of kyoot and fuzzy!!! oh wel it is all part of the krismas speerit i gess!!! ok bye

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Oh, yes. She appreciated them!