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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Starlight! 2014

We went to the annual Christmas Concert tonight called Starlight! Om's brother puts it together and he's also the choir director. When you walk in, the entire building is dazzling.

Shelby Road Christmas decor

This wasn't even part of the "concert." They had a pianist playing Christmas music just as background before and after the program.

Shelby Road Christmas Starlight concert

The choir sang several numbers, and there were solos, duets and ensembles.

Shelby Road Christmas Starlight concert

It's more than just a choir singing, though. There's always a humorous skit. This year's was very funny, with the Three Wise Guys. They saw in the Syrian News that a wise man had seen a star and was going to go find a baby king. So the Wise Guys decided to rent some fast camels and get there first. But something went wrong and they ended up in the 21st Century at Christmas. Here they are asking directions of someone on the street who thought they must be the missing actors from the living nativity scene in the park. How do you think it got sorted out?

Shelby Road Christmas Starlight concert

Another highlight was a drum line from the local high school to go with "The Little Drummer Boy."

Shelby Road Christmas Starlight concert

This was an exceptional holiday joy!

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rainfield61 said...

This is a different Christmas.

I think.

Ann said...

sounds like a very entertaining evening. The decorations are beautiful. That would be like walking in a winter wonderland. I love those stars hanging from the ceiling

vanilla said...

Two thumbs up!

happyone said...

I love that second picture. All sparkly and pretty.