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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Handbells and Friends

I went to the Manistee United Methodist Church this morning to hear the Handbell Choir that Dave and Loren are in. They only did one number (Carol of the Bells), but it was good. I'm glad I went. I saw another friend I hadn't seen for quite a while too.


This handbell choir is rather small, but my I like to hear them because of my hiking friends. They are on the right end, front and back rows in the second picture.

handbell choir

handbell choir

I think I'd like to do that. But that would be another meeting/practice to go to... hmmm.

The church is beautiful. I showed you their abstract stained glass window when I went for the handbell concert in 2012, but in this picture the church is light, which makes it look quite different.

stained glass window

The vertical sweep was enhanced by this beautiful, tall tree, covered in symbolic ornaments.

church christmas tree

And I wanted to add this large nativity set, since I showed you the one at the Lutheran Church.

handbell choir

Other than that I got sucked into a game that is tons of fun, but I sure "wasted" the day. On the other hand you could say I gave myself a day of rest.

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Lin said...

Oooh, I love a hand bell choir!! My cousins did that for my wedding. Soooo pretty.

I love to do holiday things like that. Seems you are really having a nice time this year doing a lot of holiday celebrations like this. :)

Unknown said...

The handbell fraternity in the UK is amazing. When my friends bought a couple of second-hand bells, they were passed from group to group to reach them in a short time - all the way from the other end of the country.

Ann said...

I wouldn't call that a wasted day. You saw beautiful things, heard a beautiful choir and got some rest.

happyone said...

I'd love to be in a handbell choir. Our church doesn't have any. Maybe I could start one. : )