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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Alive and Well

Just in case you were wondering, Riley is alive and well and flourishing in her warm hidey-hole under the roof edge, eating expensive seeds from the bird feeder.

red squirrel

Over the winter, I learned that she likes to visit the white pine stand (well-used track). It was a great year for cones, so I'm thinking pine seeds are a diet staple too.

The other day I spread some sunflower seeds on the deck rail, and she thought those were great. Not that there is any big surprise there.

I do hope she doesn't go find a boyfriend this spring and teach a litter of pups about the wonderful free digs. That could be an issue!

Meanwhile, I enjoy her antics. Although when she gallops across the roof you'd swear it was an elephant rather than a 2-pound squirrel.

red squirrel

We added a second feeder, thinking that would reduce the arguments, but they all prefer whichever one is fuller and continue to argue over it rather than someone choosing the other feeder. So much for human ideas.

See Napoleanne Riley
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Unknown said...

Sounds human to me!

Secondary Roads said...

Riley is both cute and clever. Does she live the life of Riley?

Ann Thompson said...

Riley is a cutie and hopefully she'll put off raising a family for a while.

Lin said...

I just hope Riley behaves herself and doesn't work her way into your attic.

My neighbors have a huge raccoon using their overgrown bushes to crawl onto their roof. Hate to think where that thing is living. I'm guessing in their attic.