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Monday, March 23, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Cryptocereus anthonyanus

Here's another plant that was new to me. I guess it is used as a hanging basket houseplant by those who like rare plants, but I'd never seen it.

Botanically, it's something of an oddity, being both a cactus and an epiphyte. Common names are ric-rac cactus, fishbone cactus, and St. Anthony's cactus. Cryptocereus anthonyanus grows naturally at high elevations in southern Mexico, although most cultivated ones are descendents of a few plants collected about 65 years ago.

Cryptocereus anthonyanus

The leaves are bold and unusual and also covered with nearly invisible spines! I'm glad I didn't try touching that one.

Cryptocereus anthonyanus

And, if that isn't enough, when it gets rootbound, it has an amazing flower. I didn't see any of those at the flower show, but here is a picture of one from Wikipedia, taken by Floriano Calcagnile (Creative Commons attribution)

Cryptocereus anthonyanus

I'm beginning to see interesting things outside again. The Flower Show pictures may become sporadic. We'll see what the weather tosses our way.

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rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Fascinating plant, this Cryptocereus ~ and what a beautiful flower! Thanks for sharing your Flower Show experience with us ~ I'm lovin' it!

Secondary Roads said...

Amazing. It looks so nice too.

Ann Thompson said...

That is a very unique looking plant and that flower is gorgeous. When I was able to keep plants alive they were frequently root bound so if I had one of these it would have flowers...lol

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