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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Upcycling Tires

Long day today. Have an interesting idea from the Subaru display at the Philadelphia Flower Show. They are one of the major sponsors.

recycled tires planter

If I did this it would never look classy. It would just look like a bunch of old tires with green stuff in them.

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Unknown said...

Loving all the themes from your flower show posts, Joan. Lots of inspiration for you and pleasure for us.

Secondary Roads said...

It certainly would not have that "flower show" prestige and context, if it were placed on your lawn or mine.

Ann Thompson said...

I love these, especially the hanging ones. I'm like you though, if I tried it myself it would never look as good as theirs

Loritenor said...

Thinking I might try this on my deck with sunflowers. Would not have to look "lovely" on my deck...

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