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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Hats

Another huge part of the Philadelphia Flower Show is a Standard Flower Show. This means entries by private citizens (or sometimes groups... but not commercial entities) in various proscribed spaces. Entries might be a certain kind of plant in a certain size pot, or something as fanciful as... hats. Made of plant material.

In keeping with the theme of Celebrate the Movies, these had to be Hollywood Hats. The space provided was one quadrant of a circular space with a white mannequin head. Here are the four entries. For this event, I'll tell you all the plant materials and the judges comments to give you the idea of how these work. That would take way too much effort for all the categories, and I don't have pictures of EVERY display at the show. After all, the Convention Center has 33 acres of floor space. If you are like me, you won't always agree with the judges choices. However, in this particular category, I think they got it, right on the money.

This one is "Maria Montez," and it took Honorable Mention. Plant materials are: Aspidistra, Ginko, Ginko leaves, Rose, Rose stems, Seleriana- live, and Gardenia. Judges comments: "Swirling design depicts Maria's wrapped turban. Choice and condition of plant material detracts."

Philadelphia Flower Show Hats: Maria Montez

Here is the Third Place finisher: Greta Garbo. Plant materials are: Bear Grass- fresh, Moss- dried, Rose- dried. Judges comments: "Combination of colors makes a big impact. Fresh plant material lost in the moss."

Philadelphia Flower Show Hats: Greta Garbo

Second place went to Ester Williams. Plant materials are: Bear Grass, Rice Flower, Rose. Judges comments: "Impactful colors create a big splash [pun intended?]. Exquisite design is small for space."

Philadelphia Flower Show Hats: Ester Williams

And the blue ribbon was taken by Audrey Hepburn. Plant materials are: Calla lily, Calla leaf, Dendrobium orchid, Pineapple, Rose. Judges comments: "Made in the Shade!"

Philadelphia Flower Show Hats: Audrey Hepburn

I don't understand the judging criteria perfectly, but I know it's somewhat subjective. That said, all of the aspects of "art" enter into it... use of the space, colors, form, etc, AND the plant material has to look good, be used in creative ways, etc. Also, we don't see the complete specifications. Since one entry only used three kinds of plants perhaps that was the minimum. Maybe there was no minimum. Did each entry have to include some dried and some fresh plants? I just don't know.

Tomorrow... Walk of Fame: Leading Men.

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vanilla said...

That's different.

Secondary Roads said...

The winner could be a decorative platter, a Frisbee or even a pizza (with garnish).

Ann Thompson said...

I have to say that of all these entries the winner looks the least like a hat to me

Lin said...

The moss hat was sort of cheating, I think. They took the easy way out. I can see why the winner won---it was very creative.

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay those ar all verry nice plant hats i gess but ware is the fedora??? yoo kannot go rong with wun of those!!! ummm wel i gess i akchooally hav gawn rong a fyoo times in my fedora but i hav always gotten bak rite agin in the end!!! mostly!!! ha ha ok bye

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