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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Philadelphia Flower Show 2015- Table Settings

One of the regular features of the Standard Flower Show is table settings. In keeping with this year's theme at the Philadelphia Flower Show of "Celebrate the Movies," each setting had to be inspired by a movie.

There were four entries- Honorable mention went to Breakfast at Tiffany's. The entry was done by two women from a Garden Club. They stated the intent: "For Holly, Tiffany's was the ultimate. As she stood so many times gazing into the window, she could only dream about what it would be like to sit at an elegant table, set with fine china and beautiful flowers, and sip champagne while being served 'Breakfastat Tiffany's.'"

The judges said: "Overall design a real gem. Downward placement of orchids disturbs balance."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Tables: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Third place (yellow) went to the Swarthmore Garden Club for Enchanted April. They said: "Bright flowers evoke the delight, peace and love four women find in a sunlit Italian garden with the sea below after escaping oppressive personal obligations and dark wet winter in post-World War I England. It is their 'Enchanted April.'"

The judges said: "Placement of components creates a visual path through the overall design. Bulls-eye of yellow lilies interrupts color rhythm and container too large in proportion to other table components."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Tables: Enchanted April

Second place (red) was taken by Twin Valleys Garden Club with Out of Africa. They said: "On our coffee plantation porch, vibrant flowers survive in tough savannah grasses and arid red earth. What clever adaptation and lion-hearted courage! Here, cast members will reunite for our 30th anniversary celebration of 'Out of Africa.'"

The judges said: "Color coordination between table setting and background evocative of 'Out of Africa.' Visual weight of plant material and container overwhelms."

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Tables: Out of Africa

First place went to the Huntingdon Valley Garden Club with National Velvet. They said: "The Daily Mirror called the young girl that won the Grand National, 'National Velvet.' Now it is time to celebrate the pink and orange silks that crossed the finish line first. What a perfect place to gather- the barn- so Pie, the hero, can join the celebration."

The judges said: "Stunning, rhythmic, colorful design brings you to the finish line!"

Philadelphia Flower Show 2105- Tables: National Velvet

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vanilla said...

Much nice work, creative and colorful. The first arrangement is way over the top, though, imo.

Ann Thompson said...

On all of your other posts I agreed with the judges for their first place choices. This one though, the first place winner is the one I like the least out of all of them

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