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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Narrowleaf Meadowsweet

Some of you know that one of my favorite things is when I discover a plant that is new to me. Here's one, just a couple of miles from home. I passed it on my most common roadwalk. Took a look at it and said "meadowsweet."

narrowleaf meadowsweet

Then I went over and looked carefully at it, and those narrow leaves threw me for a loop. I said, "huh... goldenrod leaves, not meadowsweet." Of course it's growing right in the middle of a patch of goldenrod. There is a white goldenrod (called silverrod), but this isn't it.

narrowleaf meadowsweet

Then I looked closely at the flowers. Five petals. Lots of stamens. That says Rosaceae, rose family. Huh.

narrowleaf meadowsweet

Interesting seed pods, too.

narrowleaf meadowsweet

So I came home and looked up meadowsweet, Spiraea latifolia. Just as I thought, it has wider leaves. Like this... found at Nordhouse Dunes last summer.


Looked at a bunch of other things with white spikes, easily eliminating the ones I know for sure. Still stuck on those flowers that screamed "Rosaceae." Kept looking... Aha! Narrowleaf meadowsweet. Spiraea alba.

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Ann said...

You are so good at investigating these and finding out what they are. This one is pretty

vanilla said...

You are The Plant Detective!

Lin said...

What Vanilla said. :)

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