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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Evening Hike

A friend of mine, Cathy, leads a hike at the State Park every week in the summer. I haven't made one yet! Tonight I decided to go for it. Had to go in my work clothes and eat dinner in the car, but I made it on time.

There was actually a good sized group. Here are just four of the ladies who came. Cathy is on the right.


And, did I remember to take a picture while we were in the woods on nice narrow trail? Nope. I just took one on the wide road/trail that leads to the lighthouse (we were going the other way)


But I did catch a picture of Lake Michigan. Talk about changing weather. We've dropped from 90+ to the 60s, with a wind that is really pushing in those waves.

Lake Michigan

A nice little walk, and the group I went with did a good pace (although we walked). Cathy and another lady ran almost 5 miles, while we walked 3. Another group had a baby and stroller, and did a more leisurely pace on paved trail. Each week they begin with a short devotional, and then they walk.

See Thanksgiving 2012 for Cathy again.
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Secondary Roads said...

That looks great. I'm glad you were able to make it this week.

Ann Thompson said...

Nice place for a hike. The cooler temps making it more pleasurable for hiking too

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