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Saturday, September 26, 2015

North Country National Scenic Trail Day

Across the whole 4600 miles of the North Country Trail, hikes and events were held today. Our chapter did about seven miles on the trail that cross the Big Sable River. Here Loren gets the camera set up to take a picture of all of us.

taking a photo

And, here we are... all 15 of us. A good group, lots of new people.

hiking group on a bridge

We saw quite a few interesting things. I'm saving a couple of them for another day to really explain them better. Today I'll just concentrate on the river. In the floodplain, the ostrich fern is turning orange and gold. It always looks so pretty in the sun.

autumn ferns

Loren and I thought our shadows on the water looked friendly.

hiker shadows

It was a great time. Of course now my sleep time is really messed up. Night work, sleep an hour, up all morning, doze off in the afternoon, now I'm awake. Wonder what I'll be like tomorrow? It's an adventure every weekend.

5 Mile Road south, out and back, Lake County, MI

See July 2012 hike on pretty much same trail (overlapped)
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Ann said...

You've got a nice size group and looks like a great day to be out there. Hope you get some sleep time fit in

Lin said...

Good group! It's such a beautiful time of year to celebrate the trail!

vanilla said...

Oh, dear! I was trembling for the bridge.