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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Love It, Hate It


Two things are blooming in my garden now. The first one, I love. It's a plant I actually bought (which more often than not, die or fail to thrive). This is a day lily, variety 'Revolution.'

Revolution daylily

The patch is the most full I've ever seen it. Day lilies do well for me, and this year the deer have not eaten them. It was a real bummer the year than happened.

Revolution daylily

On the other hand, it seems that things often succeed that are not my favorites. This is a yucca plant. It seems to love Michigan sand and I see it growing wild all over the place. Much more so than not-so-many years ago. I really dislike it. I can't even tell you quite why.


But it's so happy it has two stalks this year. Well, if it is going to bloom (and doesn't attack me like that rose bush), I'm going to keep it whether I like it very much or not.


Big plans for the weekend. Stay tuned.

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vanilla said...

Okay then. Different strokes. Gorgeous lily. We have one that is very similar. I like yucca, though we don't have one. Perhaps it is the western imprint in my genetic makeup.

The Furry Gnome said...

Gorgeous picture of the day lily. I like the brightly coloured ones!

Secondary Roads said...

Revolution, the plant, is beautiful. I love that color. Yucca's white blossoms are very nice, but don't last long. When the blossoms go, you are left with a stick covered in green pods that are slightly larger than your thumb.

Ann said...

The lily is really pretty. I may be thinking of something else but it seems to me that my dad had a Yucca and it had razor sharp leaves. Or maybe I'm thinking of some other plant

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