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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Almost Annual Picture of the Rose I Hate

Here it is- the one week of the year that this rosebush has any value. The rest of the time it is an ugly, vicious nuisance. See how tolerant I am of others' faults. I haven't killed it yet.

rambling rose

In other news: I wrote a chapter of Dead Mule Swamp Druggist for Writers' Group tonight, and stripped not quite an eighth of one side of the trailer. I'm pleased with what is done, but not when I compare it with all the remaining painted areas. I need to console myself with the idea that this was a section where the paint was still in pretty good shape and was, therefore, difficult to remove.

All this after morning work.

(BP -9 and counting)

See Its One Week of Glory
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Ann said...

It's a pretty rose. Reminds me of the rose bush I had that I hated. It grew rather wild and the roses smelled horrible.

Secondary Roads said...

Like some people, it is lovely while it lasts.

Ratty said...

I'm glad you like the rose for this one week. I can remember it for the rest of the year now.

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