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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Trailer - Redo Days 21 & 22 - Stripping with a Friend

Hey, if you are gonna strip, it's nice to have a friend to do it with.

stripping paint on a fiberglass trailer

Marie and I worked on the trailer a little bit, but we also had final errands and tasks to do to get ready for the conference. In January, I reserved a campsite for this trip, expecting we'd be taking the trailer. Ha! We've slept in tents for years. I think we can do it for one more weekend. But it was a lot of fun having her participate in this refurbishing, even if only a little bit.

We had hopes of re-hanging the door today, but that didn't happen. The hinge screws are rusted and frozen. They are soaking in Liquid Wrench as we speak. We'll have one more day here after the conference. Maybe we'll have time then unless I end up having to drill the screws out.

I wanted to get the stripping a quarter done before this weekend. I think I made it, although it's not all on this one side. There is still a bit on the door and three letters to do. I did a whole lot yesterday by myself.

stripping paint on a fiberglass trailer

However, there is the big patch of roof done that I started with, and we got the stripes off half the back. Here's another mystery. These ones came off really easily, while the earlier ones were horrible. It must just be the differences in how the paint weathered.

stripping paint on a fiberglass trailer

I also got the backing piece of fiberglass done on the final hole in the side, and filled the screw holes around the earlier patches. There are a few dings to sand out and patch, but at least nothing can leak while I'm gone.

The car is mostly packed and we are off to Marquette in the morning!

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Ed Morse said...

I'm leaving in the morning too. I wasn't sure I could go until a few days before Registration closed. Staying in the Dorm again. Still driving the old Jeep Wrangler.
See you in Marquette.

Ann Thompson said...

You're doing good with that

Secondary Roads said...

It's looking better all the time.

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