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Monday, January 15, 2018

Girl Trail Power

Today was devoted to Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts and the North Country Trail

Girl Scouts and North Country Trail logos

The troop- 5th and 6th graders- from Ravenna was looking for someone to come talk to them about hiking, and specifically how to be prepared for day hikes.

I said I'd do it, and I sure had a good time. The troop wants to take on the challenge of 50 miles on the NCT in this next year for a patch. I think I talked too much, but the girls seemed to enjoy seeing all the gear, and they listened very attentively. I was impressed.

hiking gear

I couldn't both talk and get any action shots, but I did have someone take a group picture afterwards.

If you are wondering why I wore the "Bad Decisions Make Good Stories" t-shirt, that was my kickoff line. Sometimes we end up with funny stories to bring home and tell, but sometimes we end up with really bad things happening. My mantra is plan, plan, plan, and plan some more. I think I hammered that message home.

Girl Scout troop

Anyway, we did a list of 10 things to take even on a day hike, and 10 things to do before you go.

Now I'm home, and I have to put all that stuff away again. But it was worth it.

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Unknown said...

You were awesome. Adventure awaits us.

Ann said...

You are the perfect choice to do a talk on hiking.

Secondary Roads said...

Here's hoping most of the gals, if not all, follow through and earn the patch. That was a great thing that you did.

Lin said...

I'm sure some of it stuck with them, even if it appeared that they may have not been fully listening. That was nice that you did that and I hope it inspired a few of them to get outside more.