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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Secret Cellar- Sample Copies

Again... this is really author blog stuff, but I'm so excited about this I have to put it here where more people will see it. My cover artist, Linda J. Sandow, got a preliminary cover to the point where we are happy enough with it to send out to the test readers. There are some things to fix, but she's got the overall "feel" I want. We both love lots of color, so I knew I'd be happy with her work on that score, and I certainly am!

The Secret Cellar

I printed the cover on card stock. The interior looks really good, and these give the sense of a "real" book.

The Secret Cellar

I've got the books ready to go in the mailers, and the address labels on the mailers, so they will go in the mail tomorrow! About a week later than I had originally hoped, but fairly close.

Preorder sets at Books Leaving Footprints

In other news: a friend from work who has a truck helped me get 4x8 sheets of plywood and foam here. Tomorrow afternoon, after work, I have to try to get a frame knocked together for the well pit cover. The old one is too rotted to re-use. Pump guy won't install the new one till I get the cover fixed.

Also had handbell practice, and then writers' group. It's back to work tomorrow. This is going to be a very full week.

Oh! And I wrote the first chapter in The Hitchhiker, and started the second chapter.

That "real" job looms in the morning.

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Ann said...

You've been busy. The book cover looks good

Secondary Roads said...

Nice colors on the Cellar's cover.

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