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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Michelle, Joe and Joan Get 'Er Done

Here was the well pit when I gave up. There were pieces so large, and still not rotten that I could not get them off alone.

well pit cover with rotten wood

So, today Joe and Michelle came over. We got all the old stuff off. Yes, I used my new crowbar.

open well pit

Then built a framing box. Some of the old wood was still good.

framing for a well pit cover

We added cross pieces to support the plywood I bought the other day. Yes, that's my shadow. I thought a shadow was so remarkable that I left it in the picture on purpose!

open well pit with framing over the top

Finally, we laid the plywood and foam over the frame and covered it with a tarp. This is very temporary, until the pump guys come do their magic.

covered well pit

I also went and picked up some bales of hay from another friend, so I can add more insulation over the foam and under the tarp when the below-ground work is done. No picture of that. But that project also involved completely emptying the car so I could get the hay in, and then cleaning it out afterwards and putting everything back.

In other news: I drew up two concept covers for The Hitchhiker so my cover artist can start work. Now I'm trying to finish chapter 3. But I'm falling asleep. I didn't get to sleep in this morning.

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The Furry Gnome said...

Glad that crowbar came in useful.

Ann said...

A busy day but you accomplished a lot

Lin said...

WOW. You certainly got a lot done. Looks like this should work to keep the pump protected.

Gordon said...

I don't know what your final plan is but you definitely need a small trap door in the cover so that you can get into the well pit without removing the cover.

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks goodness for good helpers.

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