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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Still Life with Water Jug

A still life is an artistic arrangement of inanimate objects, right? I was pretty close to inanimate myself, today. I got out of bed only to get something to eat. No water yet- the pump guy hasn't even returned our call. Thus the water jug.

plate of orange slices

Work last night was challenging. We had no heat in our part of the building. It wasn't too terrible because once we get working we warm right up, but it added to the challenge. And until it's fixed the brake on the strapper spool wheel isn't engaging, so I had to apply the "foot brake" (my foot on the reel edge) for every bundle, which made for an interesting little dance routine throughout the shift!

I read a book that had a great premise for the plot. It was even a NYT best seller, and yet, I figured it out about a quarter of the way in. There was a ton of descriptive writing that was all well done, but the story could have been told in about 250 pages instead of 500 and still been good, maybe even better- I got impatient for it to move along several times. There were no big plot twists (or even little ones). It's billed as a "biomedical thriller," but there wasn't much med-tech in it at all, which I wanted. A good enough read, but oddly disappointing. This is what happens to your reading when you become a writer.

Bed again soon. More productive tomorrow, I suspect. This was clearly my day of rest. There is no other news.

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1 comment:

Ann Thompson said...

A well deserved day of rest I would say

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