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Friday, January 19, 2018

Some Things Are Looking Better

I will confess to being a tiny bit grumpy yesterday. Sorry!

Today, we had heat at work. That's a big plus.

Beth decided she wanted to make burgers and homemade fries for everyone. She was the chef.

cooking burgers on a griddle

We brought all the fixin's, and healthy appetites.

potluck lunch

I made the buns last night. They are good, but I forgot how big to make the balls of dough, so they were more like slider buns. We ate 'em anyway.

potluck lunch

Dig right in!

potluck lunch

The electricians were there, so I think the wiring is ready, or nearly ready for the "new" stacker. They also used their handy lift cart to change a couple light bulbs for us. Much safer than how we usually do them with the fork lift.

lift cart

Still no water, but I've got the well pit warmed up. Now I just have to get the pump guy back here to figure out what damage was done.

I'm brain-cooking a new design for a decent cover for the well pit. I also shoveled some of the dirt out that the miserable animal-whatever it is- has moved into the pit. Really a LOT of dirt. And getting it out would be MUCH easier with two people- one in the hole and one above.

In other news: I mailed some books. That's just about it, except for little stuff. I'm chilling before heading back to work. Have good hopes for some writing progress this weekend. The Book Launch party at BookMark in Ludington is tomorrow at 4 pm!

See Fix-it Day at Work
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Ann said...

We all have grumpy days now and then. You guys sure do eat good at work. The burgers look good

The Oceanside Animals said...

hello sharkbytes its dennis the vizsla dog hay evrything is better with burgers!!! i had burgers the other day and they wer kwite taysty!!! i hope yoo git the water sitchooayshun reesolvd soon water is importent i never like it wen my water bowl gits too low!!! ok bye

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