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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Genesis of the Dubois Files Mysteries

I do have one video from yesterday that is ready to share. This tells how I got the idea for the Dubois Files mystery series for kids.

I'm still thinking there may be a video of me reading from "Druggist" that someone will send me. If so, I'll post that in the future.

In other news: Michelle from work and her husband came and he looked at the pump. Can you believe the water line is still frozen? We cleared out a bunch of the dirt that animal moved in, placed the heater in a hopefully better location, and he assessed the damage. Maybe not too bad. Will call pump guy again tomorrow.

Under the heading of long-standing pet peeves, my scanner has always had issues talking to my computer with Windows 7. I could usually get it to work though. After the last update- the one that sent my computer to the shop because it messed things up so bad- the scanner would not speak to the computer at all. So, today I uninstalled the scanner and started over completely to re-install. Nope. So, a perfectly good scanner is now a piece of junk because Canon won't deal with this issue. You can read message board after message board that there is a driver missing that Canon simply will not develop/supply/whatever. If I have to get a new scanner, I think I'll go with Epson. This all took hours, of course.

I did manage to get the final version of the map for The Secret Cellar just about done. I'm about to go print it out in the correct size to see if it looks good.

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1 comment:

Ann Thompson said...

Wow, still frozen. Hope you get it all figured out soon

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