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Monday, May 14, 2018

Alabama Garden Flowers

I have arrived safely in the Indianapolis area, but my host family has a meeting this evening, so you'll have to meet them in tomorrow's post. Tonight, just enjoy some of the pretty plants from Alabama gardens.

I think my favorite is the pink water lily in the pond at Loretta's place.

pink water lily

But I'm also really partial to this caladium (elephant ear). In the south, you don't have to take these in every fall. The leaves are always brightly colored, but I particularly liked this one with spots. The colors usually follow the vein structure, so this is different.

spotted caladium

Azaleas are gorgeous, no matter where they grow.

orange azalea

Roses are not my favorite, but they are colorful.

pink shrub roses

This shrub was new to me, and still partially a mystery. It appears to be holly-leaved barberry or Oregon-grape, genus Mahonia. The flowers are generally yellow, so I'm not sure what these red things are. The blue berries are large- like small grapes, and in clusters, but oval like a barberry. I think you could plant this under windows for security!


See you tomorrow!

See Actual holly
Actual barberry
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Ann said...

I do like that caladium. The roses remind me of a scraggly rose bush I used to have. The roses on it never had a very good smell to them.

Secondary Roads said...

Love those flowers. Delightful beauties all.