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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Buckeye Trail Surprise

We know I've already hiked all the Buckeye Trail. Sure, some parts have changed, but I don't think this one has. I remember rocks, but I must not have been paying attention. (Walking in my sleep?) The rocks on this section were amazing. Not part of a park, but they must be on public land since there was also a bridle trail.

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills

First, we climbed to the top of a wooded ridge with a nice view over the valley. The spring trees are just getting to the phase I love best.

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills

Then we descended to the tops of some rocky cliffs. This area is known for good rappelling spots, and we came across a statewide training session for rescue teams. There were about 15 people in the group being taught how to get up and down the cliffs with rescue baskets.

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills

Just a ways beyond them, we turned a corner and began to descend through a crack in the rocks till we were down in front of the rock faces.

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills
In some places we were walking through narrow hallways where the rocks had split.

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills
This was the most amazing spot, I thought. The sandstone was weathered and flaking with the ocher color showing through in rounded curves and the trail going right along the base of the cliff. Hard to believe this is Ohio!

Buckeye Trail Ohio near Hocking Hills
Then we went to a place called Butterfly Ridge. It's a privately owned conservation area that is working to create habitat to attract and support native butterfly and moth populations. You take your chances on what you might see on any given day, but the owner gives you an idea of what to look for. We saw three pipestem swallowtails, but I didn't get any pictures. It's a neat place if you are in the area.

Total miles hiked today about 6.5

After a nice dinner we drove around Lake Logan.

Lake Logan Ohio near Hocking Hills

Tomorrow, Marie says goodbye and heads home. I can't put a good spin on that, but our time together has certainly been wonderful.

See Cantwell Cliffs and Clear Creek
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1 comment:

Ann said...

I should look these up and see how far away they are. This looks like an amazing place. Your time with Marie sure did go by fast. Glad you two had a good time.